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When can I expect final delivery of my photos after completion my new born baby photoshoot?

Creative stuffs always take time. We usually deliver final edited and retouched photos within 12 to 15 working days.

How will I get my final photo delivered?

A) We usually provide you photos on cloud drive for which link will be provided. You just need to click that link and download your photos.
B) You can also provide your personal hard drive or pen drive to the team on photoshoot day. We will then courier u back once the delivery of photos is ready. (Courier charges are extra)

Do you provide cloths for new born baby photoshoot?

Yes, we provide theme-based and concept-based clothes for your new born baby photography

Do you provide props for new born baby photoshoot?

Yes, we have all props and accessories matching the theme required for new born baby photoshoot.

What is buffer hour?

Its extra hours given to the baby at certain extra cost so that shoot can be completed. Sometimes baby needs feeding, power nap, free time or space due to which shoot time is wasted. To compensate that loss time an extra 1 chargeable buffer hour is given.

Do we get raw files or not?

Raw file are generally unapproved or rejected files which is not final. So its of no use hence don’t put efforts sorting them from rest. But yes we do give if client demands.

Do I get soft copy or album after my new born baby photography?

Yes, we can definitely provide u album at additional cost (Cost of album depend on pages, size, paper, paddings) of album which we will discuss at time of deal.

How professionals are your photographers for handling my new born baby photoshoot?

Our photographers are highly professionals. They undergo training at regular interval to match industrial standards and learn modern techniques. They are given training make baby feel comfortable.

What is the right time to do new born baby photoshoot?

Baby photoshoot is done between 10days to 20days recommended. But you can still do after that. Call us will guide you

Can we bring our own camera or friend photographer for photoshoot session?

No its not allowed. We work very hard and invest time in upgrading our skills to ensure you get best output. We request you to respect our profession by avoiding not do such activity during the shoot.

I don’t want my new born baby photograph to be showcase in your website or any social media platform

Honestly its only by showcasing images on online platforms we can get business. Just imaging you will never close deal with us if we don’t showcase our ex-client photos. Also, we constantly upgrade our gallery photos so all trending styles and poses we can showcase to our future clients. If u still don't want us to upload your pics u can opt for private photoshoot session. 10K royalty privacy amount will be charged extra above package charges.

Can I include my husband and children in photo session?

Yes definitely you can include your husband and first child depending on your package. But its recommended you involve them is last 30 mins of the shoot.

Where is your new born baby photoshoot studio located?

We are located in Mumbai, Borivali west (5mins from Borivali railway station)

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